Sunday, February 27, 2011

3-n-1 Apple

I purchased a few 3n1 Apples on my wholesale order this year for the orchard. This one is a low chill Apple with Anna, Dorsett Golden, Fuji and Gordon.

I dedided to make some of my own so I trimmed branches off my Mexican Plum and made a 4n1 Plum with Santa Rosa, Burgundy, Green Gage and Mexican.

These are cleft grafts and are very easy to do. I cut a slit down the middle, cut the donor wood into a wedge, stick it in so it matches up with the edge, wrap with a rubber band and then wrap in parafilm tape.

More pics.

I also put some wax on the cut to protect it from water penetration.

Here are some pictures of the Pineapple Quince that I grafted two Asian Pears and an Apple.

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  1. Wooh... Is this really possible? I would like to also try this to my kratom plants. Lol!

    - Kratom Valley